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Frequently Asked Questions?
BerneApparel.Com Accounts
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About BerneApparel.Com
BerneApparel.Com Accounts [top]
Why do I have to have a BerneApparel.Com account? [top]
A BerneApparel.Com account is not required for those individuals interested in simply browsing our online product catalog. If you are a business and are interested in becoming a Berne Apparel customer, then we request that you fill out our Request Account form. A BerneApparel.Com account will allow you to view pricing, submit orders, track past orders and invoice history, and manage your account information.
Why am I required to enter a federal tax ID when requesting an account? [top]
Your federal tax ID number is used only to verify that you are a legitimate business operating under the name given. If you are a consumer looking to purchase our products, please check our list of retail stores that currently carry Berne Apparel products.
I'm an existing customer. Can I set up a BerneApparel.Com account to view past orders? [top]
Absolutely. Once you receive your BerneApparel.Com account information, all past purchase information and account information will be available to you through BerneApparel.Com.
I forgot my password and/or username, how can I find it?  [top]
Please enter your email address on the Password Reset page and we will reset your password for you and send you an email containing your username and new password. Once you have received the email, you can login with your new password and change your password as desired.
Ordering / Shopping [top]
How do I order an item? [top]
Listed below are a few methods of browsing our product catalog:
  1. Select a category or sub-category from the menus across the top of every page.
  2. Use the product search area located in the left side panel to search for items (i.e. Enter "hooded jacket" to search for all hooded jackets in our catalog).
  3. Enter our style number into the search are located in the left side panel.
  4. If you have purchased the item in the past, simply click "My Garments" to view a list of items you have previously purchased.
Once you have located products you are interested in purchasing, select the color of the garment by clicking the color swatch on the product information page. Simply click the link for the size of garment you wish to purchase and select "Add to Cart" from the "Pricing & Availability" box.

Once all items have been added to your shopping cart, click "Checkout" to begin the checkout process.
How do I check the status of an order? [top]
We have provided you with several methods of checking the status of your orders.
  1. Enter our order number or your purchase order number into the "Order Status" page.
  2. Locate the order in question from "My Purchases" and click the order number.
How do I cancel/update an order? [top]
Under normal conditions, your order will be released to our distribution center on the day the order is placed. For this reason, we require that you call customer service at (800) 843-7657 if you need to make any changes to your order after is have been submitted through our web site.
How can I re-orded items that I have order from Berne Apparel in the past? [top]
In order to assist you in re-ordering items, we have designed a secure web page that will list all items you have purchased. This list can be customized to display items purchased only within the last year, or to show items of which you have purchased more than a specific quantity. You can access this page by clicking the "My Garments" link from the left side menu.
I lost my copy of an invoice, can I get another copy? [top]
Invoices for all shipped orders can be accessed through either the "Order Status" page or the "My Company" page.
How do I add alternate "Ship To" locations? [top]
Depending on your account permissions, you can add alternate "Ship To" locations to your Shipping Address Book by selecting "New Shipping Address" during the checkout process.
Can I drop-ship an order? [top]
Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to drop-ship an order directly from our warehouse to your customer. If you are unable to setup alternate "Ship To" locations, then your shipment will be handled as a drop-shipment order when "New Shipping Address" is selected during the checkout process.
What payment options can I establish? [top]
BerneApparel.Com is able to accept payment by Visa or MasterCard for all customers. If you wish to establish a credit account with Berne Apparel, please print and fax a completed copy of our Credit Application located in our Downloads section.
Why do I have to enter my credit card information for every order? [top]
At Berne Apparel, we take your privacy and safety very seriously. For security purposes, we do not store your credit card information in our database. For more information on BerneApparel.Com security, please see "Is your site secure?".
About BerneApparel.Com [top]
Is your site secure? [top]
Some areas of our web site require that you provide us with personal or account information, and the latest 128-bit technology is employed to make sure your information is secure. For added safety, no one at Berne Apparel can view your password and we do not store your credit card information on any of our database servers. If you would like to make sure that you are protected by the latest security features, we recommend downloading and installing the latest version of your favorite web browser.
How do I know that my credit information is secure? [top]
All areas of our web site which require you to enter credit information are secured with 128-bit encryption. Please feel free to click the Verisign Secured Seal displayed on any of our secure pages to verify that our site is secured.
How will my account information be used? [top]
The information you provide to us is collected with the specific intent of providing better services and products to you, our customer. Information such as your company's federal tax identification number are only requested to ensure that we continue to operate with legitimate resellers and are not inadvertently selling our products to your customers. Other information, such as promotional products membership numbers, are used to identify the type of customer you are so that we can tailor our services to better fit your needs.
How is your site developed? [top]
In an effort to respond quickly to our customers requests and neeeds, our web site has been developed by an in-house development team consisting of programmers, product design experts, marketing personnel, and customer service representatives.
What information is collected when I browse BerneApparel.Com? [top]
Berne Apparel is dedicated to continuously improving our web site and tailoring every page to meet the individual needs of our customers. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Information we collect:
  • IP address - We collect your IP address when you visit our site to help us measure the amount of traffic returning to our website.
  • Click Activity - We collect information as you move throughout our website to help us understand the your product interests and tailor our web site to fit your individual needs.
  • Browser type - We collect information about the type of web browser you are using to help us ensure that our web site looks and feels consistent for every customer, regardless of the web browser they choose to use.
Information we do not collect:
  • Personal information stored on your computer - We do not collect any personal information stored on your computer that does not pertain to your relationship with Berne Apparel.
  • Credit Card information - We do not store your credit card number when you purchase products through our web site.